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No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

Alright, it’s time to create a workplace that values boundaries and balanced workloads. Have an open dialogue with your staff about their working hours. Use a verified time tracking app that allows for two-way transparency No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses so both you and your employees have visibility into their schedules. Work-life balance is the process of managing work and personal life. In other words, it’s juggling the stresses of work and home.

Consider allowing employees to work from home a set number of days per week. You’ll find some workers are more productive with the new arrangement. The short-term consequences of an imbalanced personal and professional life in the workspace are manifested in poor employee morale by 68%, reduced productivity by 36%, and a significant 41% turnover. Similarly, low work-life balance has a negative impact on the home. Demonstrate that around 7 out of 10 full-time workers stateside believe they do not dedicate enough time to their personal life because of their job.

No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

You want your team to take time off and not feel pressure whenever they’re not working. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when there are financial woes at their doorsteps. Consistency is key when you’re trying to create a work-life balance.

How To Deal With The Passive

Make sure you have your personal belongings, contact information, important papers, commendations, etc. organized before you give notice. Be sure to return all company property promptly and properly. Get proper documentation stating that you’ve returned it. The last thing you want is someone claiming you’ve stolen anything. Make requests instead.It’s usually a good idea to try to talk to your boss and see what’s going on. But chances are a difficult boss may not be open to hearing feedback about his or her failings.

By allowing your boss a glimpse into the details of the work you are doing, you might assuage their impulse to get involved unnecessarily. When you work out, your body rewards you by releasing endorphins.

How To Handle People

Ensuring that your employees aren’t overwhelmed may be as simple as meeting with them to discuss their work, help them prioritize their tasks and encourage them to talk to you when they have a problem. Similarly, feeling underappreciated is another factor as to why employees ultimately leave a job. It may seem like a small thing, but telling employees that they’re doing good work and recognizing their accomplishments goes a long way.

No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

Approximately 75% of employees are frustrated with their managers, with nearly 1 in 5 saying they experience personal attacks or unkind remarks. By going against the rules they impose on others, these bad bosses can only create resentment among their staff. As long as you’re working, juggling the demands of career and personal life will probably be an ongoing challenge. But by setting limits and looking after yourself, you can achieve the work-life balance that’s best for you. But if those things aren’t the case, it may just be in your nature to blur the lines between work and life. A big reason is that we have access to work all the time thanks to laptops and mobile phones.

Without a healthy work-life balance, we may burn out, struggle with health issues, or start to hate our jobs. This isn’t just bad for employees – it’s a major issue for employers too. More than likely, your employees will be more productive, enthusiastic and engaged when they know that their company trusts them and encourages them to have a life when they leave the office. You don’t want your employees to feel like they have to work 24 hours a day or can’t take a vacation day when they want one. Similarly, although compassion and understanding are not required in these situations, they often go a long way to keeping employees in your organization. Cultivating an effective team can be a difficult task — especially as your business is growing and changing.

Take Care Of Yourself

Most people are not aware of the significance of work life balance or the consequences of ignoring it! Anyone who has a hectic life have a lot to gain by finding the perfect work life balance in their lives.

Although staying put may seem more secure than leaving, it actually comes with many risks. A studyof 3,122 Swedish male employees found that those who work for toxic bosses were 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening cardiac condition. Some studiesshow that it may take up to 22 months to recover physically andemotionally from a toxic boss. While the idea of quitting may seem scary, the reality of staying in a job with a toxic boss can be even scarier. In some companies, working later than everyone else is valued as a sign of commitment. Try to create a healthier workplace culture, in which you trust your staff to do their jobs and are happy for them to leave at a good time to spend time with their families and friends.

77% of surveyed employees say they’ve experienced burnout at their current job. 60% of employees say they’re able to effectively balance their work and personal commitments. “Executives and managers have to set the tone by turning off Slack at the end of the day,” says Griffin, “not responding to messages after hours, and publicly taking vacations and days off. They have to demonstrate the behaviour they expect from their direct reports.

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You can also see if your current company offers training programs. In contrast, only 6% of those surveyed said that a work-life balance was not very important, not important at all, or that they had no opinion on it. Employees aged 30 and above are less willing to check their job communications at home than those under 30, but 52% said they were still willing to.

  • If your company is not open to the idea you can always find another.
  • We learned that traditional incentives such as high pay and good benefits are important, but today’s employees work best for businesses that respect their mental health and personal boundaries.
  • Poor work-life balance is often exacerbated by the fear that we’re not doing enough.
  • “Just don’t think about it” simply isn’t a viable solution to finding a better work-life balance; it’s not a viable solution to anything, really.
  • Got a Regina George or Buzz McCallister problem in your workplace?
  • 50 percent claim they’ve spent less time with family and friends.

Employees who say they have high stress levels spend almost 50% more on healthcare costs than those who aren’t under so much strain. 89% of surveyed HR professionals saw an increase in employee retention after implementing flexible work policies. In 2018, 72% of employees said a good work-life balance was very important to them. 43% more remote employees work over 40 hours a week than onsite employees do.

With three in five employees experiencing work-related mental health issues at some time in their career, it should be no surprise that this is a key reason why many workers quit. If after repetitively discussing work-life boundaries with your supervisor and seeing no change in expectations, it may be time to do some soul searching—or job searching, for that matter. Your happiness is very important and if the unrealistic expectations and growing workload are not what you want for your career, then find another one that better suits your needs. As difficult as it can be to stay in a high-stress role, don’t let it compromise your integrity. Put in effort to make the best of the situation and prepare yourself to move on to bigger, better things.

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Subconsciously, we learn and mirror our parents’ behaviour in terms of work-life balance. The research conducted by Human Relations had 148 in-depth interviews with around 80 parents working in London for law and accounting companies.

According to a large-scale research project conducted by MIT, employees are far more likely to leave companies if they don’t feel that work-life balance is a priority. Even in a small business, employees need the opportunity to grow.

  • Create a transition timeline.Clearly articulate your plans for transition.
  • For example, missing quarterly goals on a regular basis could demonstrate your boss’ inability to help your team excel an reach their full potential.
  • Don’t worry about yesterday and don’t focus on tomorrow.
  • For example, piling on too much work onto an employee will cause them to stay later each day.
  • Providing a generous vacation allowance doesn’t mean much if people are so busy that they feel they can’t take time off.
  • Happy employees are more productive, more creative, and more likely to stay at a company long term.

Some of the obstacles that affect workers are just above and beyond what individuals can control. Employers have a responsibility to make their staff feel secure and respected.

How To Handle Narcissist Boss:

If you allow him or her to yell at you, even just a little bit, you are training them that they can get away with the former behavior. A hands-off manager may not realize that their failure to provide any direction or feedback makes them a bad boss. Your boss may think he or she is empowering the staff. A manager who provides too much direction and micromanages may feel insecure and uncertain about their own job. This boss may not realize their direction is insulting to a competent, secure, self-directed staff member. Will not accept constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. The bad boss can’t deal with disagreement from employees who have their own opinions about work-related issues.

No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

And even if exercise isn’t usually your thing, Thompson suggests finding time for it every day, especially during this difficult period. “Don’t underestimate the power of minutes of daily physical activity,” she says. At a time when your boss is being difficult and “nothing feels in your control,” getting your endorphins pumping should be a priority. Thompson says your empathy should be both “genuine and strategic.” Ask your manager about their pain points. Be sincere — show you care about them as a human being — and be tactical. Ask about their “objectives and the metrics they need to hit,” she says. “You’ll get important information about what they’re concerned about” which will help you sharpen your focus in terms of the work you prioritise.

People need to focus on one task at a time and to do that they need to move the “switch button” to the off position, as you say “turn off that email tab” some workplaces now encourage email free days. In a survey by Workfront, 60% of employees believed that bad and demanding bosses are the leading cause of weak work-life balance. But if you can plan in advance and stick to your deadlines your boss might not look so bad. Just like in our diets, to stay healthy and energized for the long-haul, people need variety in how they spend their time. We tend to fall into the trap of believing that we can be productive all the time, or that an eight-hour day at work equates to eight hours of output.

Starts with company leaders, policies, and work culture. Try and put away anything work related when you get home. If that means you have to turn your phone off or leaving your laptop at the door as soon as you get home then by all means, just do it. Make it difficult for you to access work-related actions, given the fact that you will think at least twice before accessing it.

11% Of Us Employees Work More Than 50 Hours Per Week

Hate is a strong word, so let’s say you dislike your boss—maybe immensely so. It’s the worst to feel overwhelmed, taken advantage of, or simply unheard at work. Having a “bad boss” can leave you feeling demotivated, stressed, depressed, and, frankly, pretty hopeless. 89 percent of human resource professionals report a positive link between flexible work arrangements and employee retention. The last thing you want to do is engage in passive-aggressive behavior that only stands to hurt your working relationship and career.

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