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Episode 6: Mind Over Money- Understanding the 4 parts of an investor’s brain

This week we are going to continue our discussion on “Why are you worrying so much?!”  Last week we set the stage for the idea that there is a war for your money but more importantly a war going on for your mind! In order to protect ourselves and be prepared for this battle, we…

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Episode 5: Mind Over Money

We have an extremely important topic to talk about this month and that topic is your mind! And your mind specifically in relation to your money! We’re going to talk about how your mind works and how you think about money. Sometimes this is not an easy subject.   From my experience most people don’t…

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Episode 4: Questions To Ask Before You Start Collecting Social Security

So the first 3 episodes on SS all lead us to this episode, number 4! All the information about filing ages, primary insurance amounts (PIA), earning restrictions, taxes on social security………….all of that information has to lead to some decision down the road, right? This episode is really one big practical planning segment. So hopefully…

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