Our Clients

Busy Boomers

Because men, women and couples “on the go” have lots of good reasons to plan in advance.

Whether your retirement calendar is filled with attending church, enjoying a cruise, dancing, golfing, joining friends for dinner, taking in a concert or a sporting event or taking your grandkids to a movie, you want to remain financially able to maintain your active lifestyle. Sadly, poor planning may prohibit your ability to continue the lifestyle you once had. Retirees and pre-retirees who fail to develop an income plan they can rely on may run out of money before they pass away.

Maintaining their standard of living and the financial independence to continue their active lifestyle is what motivates many of our very active clients to use the services of Montgomery Financial Services LLC.

Women and Wealth

Whether single, married, widowed or divorced, leading a career, a non-profit foundation, or a busy household, women all too often relinquish control of their personal wealth to others. Women will control a large amount of wealth in the future

Young Professionals

Generations X and Y (born between the early 60s and late 90s) and Millennial’s are in the accumulation phase of their lives. These are the years focused on earning and advancement. These are also among the busiest years of a person’s life both at work and at home. During these years it’s easy to put off retirement for other worthy goals and interests, but don’t! These years are extremely important in achieving your long-term success. You’ve got decades of working years ahead of you. Make them work for you.

With young professional advisors on our team, we are your ally, ready to help you make the most of the many wealth-building years that lie ahead. We’ll show you how to realistically balance short- and long-term goals, aggressively minimize debt, invest while you’re young, and patiently let long-term market growth do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Small Business / Self Employed

Owning your own business and trying to plan for a successful retirement at the same time can be a daunting task.

Let’s face it, the self-employed individual has enough to worry about and saving for a successful retirement usually gets put on the back burner. Did you know that if you are self-employed you have many of the same options to save on a tax-deferred basis as employees participating in company plans? We can take the burden off of the self-employed individual and easily set up a tax-deferred retirement plan to get you started on creating a successful retirement. The most common retirement accounts for the self-employed are SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, and individual 401(k)s. These plans have two factors in common: up-front tax breaks and tax-deferred saving, meaning you don’t pay taxes until you withdraw the money in retirement.