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The Fiduciary Standard

It goes without saying that seeking out an individual who is both honest and ethical should be at the top of your criteria when choosing a financial planner. At Montgomery Financial, you will find that we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously by making recommendations that go beyond what would simply be suitable for your situation and provide guidance based on your best interest.

Why does working with our advisors in a fiduciary capacity matter?

Fiduciary Advisors

Make you aware of potential conflicts of interest

Non-Fiduciary Advisors

Can keep trading to earn more commission

Fiduciary Advisors

We are required by law to work in your best interest

Non-Fiduciary Advisors

Can invest your money with their own profits in mind

Fiduciary Advisors

Can work with any institution or product to find the best fit for you

Non-Fiduciary Advisors

May be required by their firms to sell you specific products, even if they're not right for you

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“The Power of 3 When it Comes to Your Retirement.” By Jeffrey D. Montgomery

In “The Power of 3,” you will learn:

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