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Our Services - The Fiscal Blueprint(TM)

Income Blueprint

Minimum Dignity Expenses

'Fun' Money

Guaranteed Income (Social Security, Pensions, Annuities)

Withdrawal Strategies

Investment Blueprint

Risk/Return Profile

Asset Allocation

Institutional Management

Design & Re-balance

Tax Blueprint

Tax Diversification

Roth Conversion Strategies

Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Gain/Loss Harvesting

Estate Blueprint

Estate Tax Efficiency*

Asset Protection Planning*

Trust Planning*

*Montgomery Financial will work directly with your Estate Planning Attorney or Legal Professional

The Fiscal Blueprint Meeting Process

First Visit

Get to know eachother

To address your goals, core values, concerns and to review your current:

  • Income Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Tax Plan
  • Healthcare Plan
  • Legacy Plan

Second Visit

Portfolio Review

Review Analysis of current accounts and share a rough draft of your plan:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Income Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Taxes & RMD Analyses

Third Visit

Game Plan

Implement details of your retirement plan and create:

  • Income Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Proactive Tax Plan
  • Legacy Plan
  • Investment Policy

Fourth Visit

Onboarding & Delivery

Deliver policies, plan, and re-visit the comprehensive plan in detail:

  • Deliver Client Binder
  • Deliver Policies
  • Setup on line access
  • Establish communication plan moving forward
  • Schedule any necessary next steps for advanced planning

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