Episode 63: Alphabet Soup – QCD’s & IRA’s

Here are just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:

In this week’s episode of the Fiscal Blueprint podcast, we are discussing Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD’s,) which are a way for you to move funds out of your IRA to a qualifying charity, income tax-free. In the tax planning realm, they can be very useful tools and it’s important to understand how to correctly apply them. Check out the full episode for the top 5 rules you should know about QCD’s!


Disclaimer: Please do not take advice from me on this show. As a licensed Fiduciary I am only allowed to give advice to clients. So, unless you’re a client I can’t give you advice because I don’t know you. So, think of these as helpful hints and education only. And please before implementing any information or ideas you hear on this show always consult your legal adviser, your tax adviser, and your financial adviser…………. right? that’s just common sense.


(0:45) Practical Planning Segment


(5:25) Top 5 Rules You should know


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